'Boiler Relay' Comms Fault @ Same Time Each Day!

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'Boiler Relay' Comms Fault @ Same Time Each Day!

Postby The EVOHOME Shop » Tue Oct 20, 2020 9:27 am

If you are getting a "COMMS FAULT BOILER RELAY' message each day at the same time, ask yourself... 'Do I even have a 'Boiler Relay'? :?

If you are operating your Honeywell Home evohome and using it in S or Y Plan configuration (as per Pages 42 & 43 of the evohome Installation guide - https://heatingcontrols.honeywellhome.c ... lation.pdf) then you probably don't have a BDR91 setup as a 'Boiler Relay'. The only time we normally use a BDR91 as a 'Boiler Relay' is when you have evohome fitted to a Combi Boiler, or setup as a 'Figure 4' system (Page 43 of the evohome Installation Guide).

Therefore, in order to stop this message occurring you need to press & hold the 'SETTINGS' button for 3+ seconds, then go to 'INSTALLATION MENU' > 'BOILER/APPLIANCE CONTROL' > 'NONE' and press the GREEN TICK. This will stop evohome thinking it has a 'Boiler Relay' when one isn't present.

I hope that helps and for further technical information on evohome system setup, contact Resideo on 0300 130 1299 or technical.support@resideo.com :geek:
Need help or support with your evohome system? :oops: Contact Resideo technical support on 0300 130 1299! 8-)
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