Honeywell HR92 Danfoss Adaptor Fitting Guide

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Honeywell HR92 Danfoss Adaptor Fitting Guide

Postby The EVOHOME Shop » Tue Nov 22, 2016 1:47 pm

Dear Forum Members,

We get lots of questions about these not working correctly. The Danfoss adaptors MUST be fitted correctly for them to work correctly.

Danfoss RA adaptor

See our video on how to fit this here -

To fit this you must ensure the screw and the nut are not fitted to the adaptor first. Open the split in the adaptor and ensure the adaptor bottoms out on the shoulder of the Danfoss valve and then fit the bolt and the nut. Failure to fit this adaptor correctly will mean the valve will not close properly and the radiator will still be hot in the HR92's 'closed' position.
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