Honeywell evohome and Honeywell Connected Thermostat FAQ's!

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Honeywell evohome and Honeywell Connected Thermostat FAQ's!

Postby The EVOHOME Shop » Wed Jan 18, 2017 10:44 am

Dear Guest,

We are constantly asked the same things about Honeywell Home Connected Products, however Resideo have a complete section of Frequently Asked Questions for all their products here -

FAQ's for Honeywell Home evohome are here - ... =relevancy

There are FAQ's for Honeywell Home's other products and the links are below...

Honeywell Home Lyric T6 & T6R FAQ's - ... =relevancy
Honeywell Home Single Zone Thermostat FAQ's - ... =relevancy
Honeywell Home evohome Security FAQ's - ... =relevancy

We hope this helps! 8-)


The EVOHOME Shop Team
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