The EVOHOME Forum - Please Read Before Registration

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The EVOHOME Forum - Please Read Before Registration

Postby The EVOHOME Shop » Sun Jun 12, 2016 7:38 pm

Hello and Welcome! 8-)

The EVOHOME Forum is designed for new and existing evohome customers to discuss products, ask general questions and engage directly with the staff at The Smart Thermostat

We have several forums here for discussion about the products we sell. Obviously we specialise in Honeywell evohome & other Honeywell Connected Products, but we also have our 'Customer Only' forums that are full of our very own wiring diagrams, technical help posts and help videos. The 'Customer Only' forums are strictly for 'The Smart Thermostat' customers who have purchased their entire evohome kits from us (including the evohome Controller ATP921R3100) and our Technical Support Package ( ... t-package/).

Although anyone is free to use the information on the open forums and ask questions, The Smart Thermostat Team are under no obligation to provide any technical help or support on Honeywell Home products. Technical support for these products can be found by calling 0300 130 1299 and choosing option 3.

The Smart Thermostat Team reserves the right to 'lock' posts from users requesting detailed technical help, especially with regards to electrical wiring. There are plenty of heating installers available to do the jobs you are not competent to do, and therefore we will not tolerate any forum posts that may cause danger to life or property in this way.

There are no 'official' Resideo (Honeywell Home) employees here to help with questions and therefore the contact number we have given above is the best way to obtain any technical support.

We hope you enjoy our forum and if you have the slightest question or issue, please contact one of the Administrators or put a post up in the relevant forums.

Kind Regards,

The Smart Thermostat Team
Need help or support with your evohome system? :oops: Contact Resideo technical support on 0300 130 1299! 8-)
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